Partners: Sam and Lauren; Colleen and Tonya; Brittney and Kim


  1. Why do you believe is the reason people read?
  2. Do you believe that everyone should be able to read? Explain
  3. What is the title of the last book you have read which was not required for a course or for professional development.
  4. Describe your representation of a literate classroom? Point out critical features.
  5. Pedagogy
    1. How do you think people learn best?
    2. How do you think you should teach reading?
      1. What strategies do you know for teaching reading?
    3. How do you know if a student has a literacy challenge?
    4. How do you assess reading?
    5. What research do you know backs up your literacy knowledge?
  6. What part does theory play in your literacy plan? If it does not play any part, why not?