Woolley (2011) said that when people comprehend a text, they "...develop mental models, or representations of meaning of the text ideas during the reading process" (p. 15 - 16). In the previous section of this trail, you examined a variety of strategies readers can use to comprehend text. In this last section of the trail, you are going to design 3 lessons that use a different comprehension strategy. You will teach one of these lessons to your classmates in the classes that follow.


  • 1.) Visit your space on this wiki; a place that I have reserved for you to post your comprehension lesson plans - click here - (all links will open in new tabs)
  • 2.) You must design 3 lessons
  • 3.) You must complete a rubric for EACH lesson
  • 4.) You must put all rubrics in your dropbox folder



1 - Woolley, D. G. (2011). Reading Comprehension. In Reading Comprehension (pp. 15–34). Springer Netherlands.