Writing for June 12, 2014: Object #4: White Socks on a New York State Beach,

  • Context: While walking on the beach two days ago, I found two white socks. As you can clearly see, there was not a single person near me in any direction on this beach. The socks WERE not wet (I did not touch them, but examined them with a stick). They were damp. (Chris) [1]

  • Purpose: Write a story that explains how the socks ended up on the beach.

  • Audience: Your choice

  • Posting: Use the discussion board to post your story.

  • New Rubric Criteria: I have change the criteria for the rubric
    • 1.) Writing Conventions remains the same
    • 2.) Timeliness remains the same
    • 3.) Purpose for Writing has changed to Audience - you need to write a sentence explaining who your intended audience was
    • 4.) Re-visioning
      • a.) Write for 7 minutes instead of 10.
      • b.) Take 3 minutes to choose a sentence from your writing and copy the sentence below your post.
        • (i.) Revise the sentence by using a synonym for at least one word. If you right click on a word, on a mac, you can choose "Look up" - this will give you a definition and a thesaurus. (A Thesaurus is used to obtain synonyms of words.)

        • Please revision using this format:

        • RE- VISIONING with a synonym
        • Her students did as they were told and were [surprised] how little the incision hurt.

        • Her students did as they were told and were [astonished] to feel how little the incision hurt.

    • Value of the Rubric
    • As we get closer to the end of the semester, I have to keep up with the rubrics and give you a chance to revise (if you wish). Since you are doing such a great job of writing, most of you are receiving full points, but a new trend has started. You are not scoring yourself, you are letting the rubrics sit ungraded by you. I won't score anymore rubrics until you score yours first.

    • I want to get other items scored for EDU 513, EDU 594 & EDU 690 (along with EDU 535).

    • I am trying to keep up, so when I read your work and go to an incomplete rubric, I have to go back - this is a waste of my time. Could I just "score-it" - of course, but this does not reinforce the habit of USING THE rubric has a learning tool.

    • Please score yourself each day...thanks ;-) ;-) ;-)


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  1. ^ If you are interested in placing pictures on the ensuing wikipages, please send a picture to me, provide me a brief context. I will take the 1st 3 pictures from 3 different people and let you know that you have been chosen. I only want pictures that show an object (not placed by you) that is in a place and you do not know how it got there. There must be multiple reasons for this object to have been placed here. Please only submit objects that can be moved by humans, buildings do not count.