Writing for June 13, 2014: Object #5, the Rodent and the Processed Food

  • Context: While walking around Sea World in Orlando, FL, I came across a squirrel eating a piece of cereal. How did this squirrel get this piece of cereal? (Kayla W., 2014)

  • Purpose: Write a story that explains how this rodent obtained this processed food.

  • Audience: A spy for the Russian Government or your choice

  • Posting: Use the discussion board to post your story.

  • New Rubric Criteria: I have change the criteria for the rubric
    • 1.) Writing Conventions remains the same
    • 2.) Timeliness remains the same
    • 3.) Purpose for Writing has changed to Audience - you need to write a sentence explaining who your intended audience was
    • 4.) Re-visioning
      • a.) Write for 7 minutes instead of 10.
      • b.) Take 3 minutes to choose a sentence from your writing and copy the sentence below your post.
        • (i.) Revise the sentence by using a synonym for at least one word. If you right click on a word, on a mac, you can choose "Look up" - this will give you a definition and a thesaurus. (A Thesaurus is used to obtain synonyms of words.)

        • Please revision using this format:

        • RE- VISIONING with a synonym
        • Her students did as they were told and were [surprised] how little the incision hurt.

        • Her students did as they were told and were [astonished] to feel how little the incision hurt.


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How did the squirrel obtain this cheerio? ChristopherTShively ChristopherTShively 18 57 Jun 16, 2014 by kmevans2 kmevans2

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