Writing for June 14, 2014: Object #6, The Mystery of a Persuasive Essay, Part I

  • Context: While I was at Buffalo State College yesterday, in the Bacon Hall parking lot, someone visited my Chevy Traverse. On my front windshield was a paper with a sticky note on it. I thought it was a flyer for a local event, but then I realized that no other cars had papers on them. When I looked at the paper, the sticky note said, "For your class, Dr. K. ;-)" The paper that was left was a persuasive essay entitled, Why People Should Read Books. There is no mystery as to how this essay got on my windshield. But there is a mystery as to whom? The only person I can think of is Dr. Laura Klenk (some of you will take her course this fall, and you are lucky to do so) because she has taught EDU 513 before and we were chatting about persuasive essays the other day.

  • Purpose: Due to these exciting circumstances, I am changing the format of our 10 minutes of Writing for June 14 & 15. We will write a Rhetorical Analysis about this essay for today's 10 minutes and for tomorrow's (June 15). This exercise will help you "see" the format for a persuasive essay; it is my hope that this might alleviate some anxiety.

  • Audience: YOU! Write this to help yourself.

  • Posting: Use the discussion board to post your analysis for today and the discussion board on the following wikipage (when I build it ) tomorrow.

  • New Rubric Criteria: I have change the criteria for the rubric
    • 1.) Writing Conventions remains the same
    • 2.) Timeliness remains the same
    • 3.) Purpose for Writing has changed to the rationale for conducting a Rhetorical Analysis - you can find that information here: http://theliteracywiki.wikispaces.com/Rhetorical+Awareness+in+Teaching+and+Writing
    • 4.) Revisioning
      • a.) Choose a sentence that you wrote
      • b.) Copy that sentence below your post
        • (i.) Rewrite that sentence in a different language (you must be able to work with L2 [English Language Learners] as a literacy specialist) - use Google Translate

        • Please revise using this format:

        • RE- VISIONING in another language
        • A rhetorical analysis helps you understand that authors make decisions about what they write.

        • L'analisi retorica aiuta a capire che gli autori prendono decisioni in merito a quello che scrivono. (Italian)


(did you think I was going to make you do a Rhetorical Analysis about an essay from a picture?)

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