Writing for June 15, 2014: Object #7, The Mystery of a Persuasive Essay, Part II

  • Context: Conduct a micro-analysis of one paragraph of this essay.

  • Purpose: A micro-analysis is done to break down a paragraph of this text.

  • Audience: YOU!

  • Posting: Use the discussion board to post the first paragraph of your persuasive essay using the same format as the author of this persuasive essay.

  • New Rubric Criteria: I have change the criteria for the rubric
    • 1.) Writing Conventions remains the same
    • 2.) Timeliness remains the same
    • 3.) Purpose for Writing has changed. Please write the first paragraph of your essay in the same way as this author has written.
    • 4.) Revisioning
      • a.) Choose a sentence that you wrote that you think can be developed more
      • b.) Copy that sentence below your post
        • (i.) Revise that sentence by asking yourself a question (writing adaptation) about it and rewrite the sentence with more details.

        • Please revise using this format:

        • RE- VISIONING by asking questions
        • The sentence I chose.
        • The question I asked myself.
        • The new sentence with more details.


You can find the research articles

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Model Your 1st Paragraph (for your persuasive essay) after Another ChristopherTShively ChristopherTShively 17 76 Jun 18, 2014 by KaylaWilliams11 KaylaWilliams11

My daughter Brooke racing the Giant Slalom, Holiday Valley Ski Resort.
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