For the next 7 days (June 9 - June 16), you are going to write stories about an object displayed on a wikipage. You will look at the object displayed on the wikipage and then tell us how the object got there. I will provide the first image for us to write about and then I would like 6 of you to place images on different wikipages for us to use. I have created this writing assignment using my "trails of learning" format.


The term afloat is a nautical term that means floating freely, not aground or sunk. I have named this writing assignment afloat because there are no ideas tied to the objects that will be displayed on these wikipages. In other words, there is not a "right" or "wrong" reason for an object to be where it is; there are only appropriate reasons. The ideas you associate with the object are afloat.

Writing for June 9, 2014: Object #1, a Tim Horton's Drink

  • Context: While on my walk/run at the Outer Harbor this morning, I came across this Tim Horton's drink resting on the railing of the boardwalk that borders Gallagher Beach, a small beach on Lake Erie. There were not any humans in sight, so I don't know how this drink got here or when it was placed on the railing. All I know is that it was there; I did not place it here.[1]

  • Purpose: Write a story that explains how this Tim Horton's drink got here

  • Audience: You have a choice: 1.) you can write for us (your classmates); 2.) you can write for the kids you work with (this will require you to use vocabulary that they would understand).

  • Writing Suggestion: When writing your story (hopefully, you will plan it first), continue to look at the picture. This will enable you to see details that might help you write. Consider writing with a "small" word processing tool, so you can keep the image open while you write. If you write on the discussion board, the image will go away. So, if you are on a Mac, considering writing with Stickies. If you are using Windows, considering installing the free Stickies app or using Text Editor. The point of using these tools is that they are small and enable you to write without having to go back and forth between a big word processor and the wikipage.

  • Posting: Use the discussion board to post your story.

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hiker_cactus_navigation.png Next up...June 10. You can write about the next object by following this writing trail and clicking on the hiker.

  1. ^ If you are interested in placing pictures on the ensuing wikipages, please send a picture to me, provide me a brief context. I will take the 1st six pictures from 6 different people and let you know that you have been chosen. I only want pictures that show an object (not placed by you) that is in a place and you do not know how it got there. There must be multiple reasons for this object to have been placed here. Please only submit objects that can be moved by humans, buildings do not count.